Customer Data Infrastructure Marketing Attribution Platform

Your Customer Data Infrastructure will elevate insights beyond your competitors'

Your ground truth ecomm data system, running on your infrastructure and completely tailored to your needs.

You get the intel you need to help your team make fast, data-driven decisions in real time.


Understand which campaigns are really strong in bringing you in contact with new customers, also know their real CAC.


Know what brings your customers back, their lifetime values, their return patterns and how to best address specific customer segments.


Dynamically allocate your budget to optimize your objectives: high ROAS, short payback periods, maximum sales at given CAC limits, ...


See how customers interact with your platform, understand price and offer attractiveness, improve your funnel steps.

CDI2 -



CDI2 - Marketing attribution platform

CDI2 Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

We are combining data from all sources, such as event tracking, CDPs and marketing platforms, to provide you with a ground truth system, which is completely tailored to your needs and way of working. It enables you to obtain fast results at any dimensions or aggregation levels.  The CDI2 runs on your cloud infrastructure and you have full access to the code repositories. 

Ground-truth system
360º view of your customers
Full System Ownership
Support to bring insights into actions

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Learn more on what is behind your CDI2 in our video: From raw event data to be combined with 3rd party platform data like Facebook, Google Ads, etc. and further enriched with backend information, e.g. CRM data, User-matching, Attributions, Post-processing, …

The insight generation you require for sound decision
making is right here.

We know what we do

Data-driven decision making is no magic

We understand that every business challenge is unique, and that a tailored technology solutions is key to turn insights into actions and ultimately to success.

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