Your Customer Data Infrastructure will elevate insights beyond your competitors'

Your ground truth ecomm data system, running on your infrastructure and completely tailored to your needs.

You get the intel you need to help your team make fast, data-driven decisions in real time.


Setup only 4-8 weeks. Get results and become data-driven in weeks, not months or years.

Answer the big picture questions as well as as your day- to-day queries based on facts.

Increase your team’s velocity in testing, measuring and optimizing.

Full system and data ownership, all is running on your IT and you own it.

Unlock analytics tools at a fraction of  the costs compared to in-house building.

Ensure that your decision making is based on the highest data quality.

KPI is not just KPI
With your CDI2 you always know what you measure and how to use the insights


Effectiveness = Rate of Productivity Metrics: Revenues, Conversion Rate.

“Super Bowl” is effective, but can you afford  it?


Efficiency = Cost of Productivity Metrics: Customer Acquisition Cost,


“Efficiency does not scale endlessly, because reach does not.” 


Scale = Volume of Productivity Metrics: Impressions, Clicks, Conversions.

“Quantity has a Quality of its Own” (Vladimir Lenin)

Trusted by some of the best marketing teams out there

We help our clients to grow even more with quick, proven data-driven solutions.

CDI2 Strengths at a glance

We are combining data from all sources, such as event tracking, CDPs and marketing platforms, to provide you with a ground truth system, which is completely tailored to your needs and way of working. It enables you to obtain fast results at any dimensions or aggregation levels.  The CDI2 runs on your cloud infrastructure and you have full access to the code repositories. 

We know what we do

Data-driven decision making is no magic

We understand that every business challenge is unique, and that a tailored technology solutions is key to turn insights into actions and ultimately to success.

CDI2 Customer Data Infrastructure team

Should you better self develop your CDI2 system with your internal team?

With us you have your CDI2 running within just 6-8 weeks, at a fraction of the costs.

We will implement the system within your IT infrastructure, you have always full control and ownership of the system and our data.

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