Usage and insights

A look into what you can get from your new ecommerce customer data infrastructure system

Customer data infrastructure usage

Without CDI2
With CDI2

Zoom into all individual customer journeys

Be it the touch point towards the 1st customer order, or all touch points for the 2nd or 3rd re-order. 

You have the insights of an advanced Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) straight available at any reporting level

With out IHC attribution system, you measure the channel and campaign effectiveness per customer interaction phase: Initializer (upper funnel), Holder (mid funnel) and Closer (lower funnel).

Any report your team needs, can be setup fast and tailored to your way of working

Your attribution data is also uploaded automatically to your marketing platform

Support smart bidding and audience creations by programmatically uploading attribution results directly via the API to the platforms: Google Ads (via GCLID) AND Facebook (various optional parameters).This also allows you to see the attribution data directly in the platform UIs next to your campaigns and ads.

Have your tailored Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and Churn Prediction continuously running

In the CDI2 setup phase we can deploy with your team your current CLTV and churn prediction logic, or we can fast develop a new custom logic based on your specification and business usage.

You can evaluate A/B Tests, Conversion Lift Studies or Incrementality tests on the go

The CDI2 provides you with the immediate insights to fast plan, execute and evaluate your operational tests and experiments.


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