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customer data infrastructure SYSTEM SETUP

We setup the CDI2 marketing analytics system on our clients cloud infrastructure. The complete setup takes usually 3-6 weeks. Depending on the desired system complexity and tailoring, the setup costs usually lays between 5-20k USD. Payment only after successful setup.

Maintenance & QA

System maintenance, data quality assurance, system adjustments... Monthly fee of approx. 4-6k USD depending on the system complexity.

Analytics, BI and Dev Support

We often additionally support our clients with analytics, BI or development work, invoiced based on a rolling one-two month ahead commitment retainer, and hence completely tailored to their needs.

We are in for the long term.

We partner with our clients to establish longstanding and mutually extremely successful collaborations.

Marketing analytics system CDI2 sample
Marketing analytics system CDI2 sample


Most frequent questions and answers

We can perform a limited test with our cloud accounts, but the main idea and full power of the marketing analytics system CDI2 relies on the fact that it runs on your cloud infrastructure. Therefore, we need to implement it first. But note that you will only need to pay once the system is fully setup and also tested by your team.

Yes of course. Since all runs on your IT, your team has always full access. Naturally the more your team actively integrates directly with the CDI2’s core system, we need to have a good direct communication and information exchange in place. Often our clients add us with a channel into their internal communication tools like Slack or Teams, to allow a close and direct collaboration.

In extreme case that you want to notice our collaboration, you can always do so with a notice period of four months.

In extreme case that you want to notice our collaboration, you can always do so with a notice period of 4-12 months, depending on the contract conditions.

Yes, if you wish the system will stay as is and fully operational on your infrastructure and since you have access to the code repositories, your team can take over full control.

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