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Your 1st Party Event Tracking Pipeline

Schema Of Your Core CDI2 Tech Implementation

Overview Of The General Data Processes In The CDI2

CDI2 Event Tracking


Event data tracking is the foundation of our data system. We collect all interesting and custom defined user events, this forms the raw data basis. The tracking system supports client- as well as server-side events.


With the CDI2 we link API connections to all 3rd party platforms to automatically download the respective performance data at the granularity level of your choice.

CDI2 API Connections
CDI2 ETL Data Processing


ETL traffic parsing sits at the heart of the CDI2. Here we build the individual user session objects, for all users converting and non-converting. Traffic dimensions are parsed and aligned, session cpc costs are derived in combination with the API platform data. We also connect events, product views and other engagement metrics with the sessions.


With ITP and other tracking prevention software it becomes harder to recognise individual anonymous users when they return to the site. Our user-matching algorithm is fundamental for combining individual user sessions to real customer journeys.

CDI2 User-Matching
CDI2 Attribution


With the customer journeys, we can train our IHC attribution model on the data. The trained IHC model is then applied to evaluate the individual session within the customer journeys. Usually we work with multiple conversion types, such as registration, first customer order, return customer order, etc.
Since the attribution results are on session level, where we parsed all traffic dimensions, the performance reporting can be easily made at any aggregation level in no time.

Check our sites with info on attribution:


The last step in the CDI2 processing pipeline is the post-processing. Here we usually upload attribution results via the API to platforms like Google Ads or Facebook. We are also loading aggregated data into dashboard and reporting systems.

Customer Data Infrastructure Data Post-Processing


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